Training on preparation of Best Available Technologies Reference (BREF) documents

A training programme for the staff of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) was conducted by a German senior expert during 10-11 November 2016. The training programme aimed at imparting knowledge to CPCB staff on preparation of best available techniques reference documents for textiles, tannery, chemicals (dyes and pharmaceuticals) industry sectors for supporting in improved environmental compliance.

The German expert developed a customized guidance document, based on the approach and contents followed in Germany/Europe for preparation of best available techniques reference documents (BREF). This guidance document was used for the training. The guidance document includes contents to be included, procedures and processes to be followed, and standardized templates. Templates are provided for information collection on BAT (best available techniques). Details of the Technical Working Group (TWG) to be constituted are explained and the role of Author for preparing the documents are explained in the Guidance Document.

In order to draw up a BREF document, a Technical Working Group (TWG) consisting of technical experts representing industry associations, companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), permitting authorities, and the CPCB itself, has to be set up by CPCB. TWG members are nominated to participate in the information exchange primarily based on their technical, economic, environmental or regulatory expertise (especially in permitting or inspecting industrial installations) as well as on their ability to include end-user perspectives of BREFs. The information exchange within the TWG forms the fundament of any BREF document for a given sector.

The AUTHOR, in consultation with one designated officer of the CPCB, leads the work of the TWG. The role of the AUTHOR is to coordinate the exchange of information and to ensure that information is collected and processed properly according to the BREF GUIDANCE.

The training also elaborated on the call for INITIAL POSITIONS – the so-called ‘wish list’ – which will be used to organize and structure the discussions at the kick-off meeting.

The wish list addresses the following points:

  • the scope and structure of the BREF
  • key environmental issues
  • main process steps that contribute to the environmental burden
  • the type and format of the plant-specific data that should be collected
  • techniques to consider in the determination of BAT’ as well as ’emerging techniques’ and processes, the implementation of which would bring environmental and/or economic benefits to the sector 
Learning about roles of the Author, Working Group and Wish Lists
CPCB staff receive certificates of participation in the training from the German expert

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